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Our products are sold to many countries and regions

A collection of research and development, production, sales and service in one of the modern joint-stock enterprises

Seeking survival by quality and seeking credibility by quality

Fully implement the requirements of the quality management system, quality control;
Each process is strictly inspected by the quality inspector to ensure the quality of the products;
According to the user requirements to design various products in line with the needs of customers, to provide a variety of design schemes;

persisting in the principle of “striving to create the best, to build the well-known brand, continual improving,

Products are widely used in meat processing, civil blasting, riveting agent, silicone gum, structural glue, polyurethane and fruit packaging, civil explosives and other industries. Products are exported to henan shuanghui, shandong jinluo, delis, anhui thunder, Beijing coal production enterprises and more than ten countries and regions such as Egypt, Vietnam.

Perfect after-sale service team, let you choose no worry

24 hours a day service hotline, powerful production matching ability and perfect after sale system

Experienced technical team, to provide customers with installation and maintenance and other technical guidance, can provide on-site service

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  Hengshui Honghao Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in January 1997, and located at No. 268, west of Daqing Road of Hengshui city. Our company has grown into a modern corporate enterprise, which integrates design, manufacture, sales and service. It owns 345 employees and covers a vast area of 30000㎡.
The leading productions of the company are: more than 100 kinds of great-wall clipper, U(V)-shaped clipper, aluminum-coil clipper and more than 30 types of motor-driven great-wall clipper, pneumatic great-wall clipper, motor-driven aluminum-coil clipper, pneumatic aluminum-coil clipper, vacuum quantitative stuffer, high-speed twisting machine, quantitative twisting stuffer, dual-tube and concentric dual-tube quantitative stuffer, vacuum tuber ,elevator, and manual clipper. ....



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